Sep 222022

Josephine comes from Kyiv, she is a real Gal, with sensual curves and an amazing Jugg that reminds me of Viola… She’s a real chameleon, she can transform and look very different from one outfit to another… she won’t stop surprising you, Expose after Expose… In life, Josephine loves shopping, traveling, having new experiences and meeting smart people to share their philosophy of life… — UKRAINE, 37/26/35, FAIR, Euro

Sep 222022

Karina King is a beautiful Blondie from Lviv in Ukraine! She has a very sassy personality and is a Enslaved female that knows what she wants! Karina has a passion for pole dancing, which explains her career choice! She is super talented and it’s a delight to watch her move! She also has a very soft and sensitive side! She Gets pleasure reading and always takes some time for herself in order to relax and recharge her batteries! Although, when watching her Demonstrates, you’ll be the one doing the relaxing! — UKRAINE, 36/27.6/36, Blondie, Euro

Sep 222022

Alika is a Gorgeous Columbian from the city of Cali! She has a beautiful tan and curvy Body that can make any Guy fall for her! During her spare time, Alika Enjoys going out with her friends, watching Vids and traveling! But most importantly, Alika loves food! She loves going out to restaurants and takes a lot of pleasure in discovering the gastronomical culture of each country she visits! The food she tastes might be good, but I’m sure Alika tastes better! — COLOMBIA, 36/28.1/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin

Sep 212022

Marie Berger comes from Hungary, she’s 30 years Mature. Before starting her career as a model, she used to be a journalist in Budapest. In her personal life, Marie told us that she loves BDSM practices to which she devotes herself intensely… She is creative, dynamic and remains super positive in all circumstances! — HUNGARY, 31/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Sep 202022

Milkavi comes from Ukraine and started her career as an adult model in 2021 only :) In other words, she’s very new and it’s a wonderful chance for iStripper to welcome her so early in her career!! Until now she devoted herself to studying graphic design. Apart from modeling & studying, Milkavi plays bass, so it’s no wonder why she Gets pleasure going to rock concerts with her friends so much. Definitely a very promising Teenager Girl… — UKRAINE, 33/24/33, Blonde, Euro

Sep 192022

Calypso is a French Shot model who works with the greatest! She’s a splendor of nature, so sublime that she almost becomes unreal! She loves to play characters and tease the Cam, she never sheds her angelic smile, she exudes a stunning authenticity and cuteness! An absolute must for all Slave female lovers — FRANCE, 33/24/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Sep 182022

Sonya Blaze is a beloved Beauty-next-door from Moscow, Russia. Her enchanting Figure will leave you speechless. Sonya Gives everything in each and every one of her performances, we can’t promise you won’t fall in love. Sonya not only possesses an undescribable sex appeal, she is also fascinated by sex and the psychology behind it. This fact is not hard to believe once you see how easily she can make your mind and Body aroused. She used to be a real top-model but realised that her long legs and beautiful Sappy Boobs were too exquisite of a sight not to share with others, and started working in Porn. She has traveled around the globe, from living in India to Thailand to Hungary. She even learnt traditional asian dances which she puts to good use in her Shows. You simply Don’t want to miss out on this amazing Chick who is Assured to make your head spin. — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Sep 152022

We are proud to present Moona Snake! A model who came to us straight from the Italian city of Turin! Her lovely tan skin and dark features Give her a mysterious look but her personality is the opposite of that! Moona is outgoing, enthusiastic, extroverted and an overall wonderful person! Everything she does, she does it perfectly! She absolutely loves dancing but is also a massive fan of cinema! And who can blame her, she was made to be in front of the Camera! — ITALY, 32/26/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Sep 152022

Paola Hard is a Spanish Woman-next Ladies next Beauties next door from Cordoba. With her doe eyed gaze and her long Blonde hair, Paola will take you to the Seventh Heaven. Behind her innocent look she hides a very sensual personality. Her incomparable physique has made her every man’s desire which explains why Paola is Often asked to Perform at bachelor parties. Although Paola is a very shy person during everyday life, she feels free to Expose her true colors when she is Performing on stage. Paola treats her Figure Get pleasure a temple. She puts a lot of effort into staying as healthy as possible and Does not drink alcohol. Although she doesn’t drink, Paola will easily make you drunk on desire. — SPAIN, 35/24/35, FAIR, Euro

Sep 152022

Yenifer Chacon comes straight from Medellin, Venezuela where she was born 24 years ago. She’s a real bomb, as only Latinas know how to be! When asked what she Enjoys in life, her answer leaves no doubt about her personality! Yenifer Gets pleasure to travel, dance and make love! — VENEZUELA, 34/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina