Oct 192020

Miluniel is a beautiful model of 32 years from Belgium. Cute, sexy, smiling, Miluniel express a lot of freshness and enthusiasm and her an incredibly perfect bottom ! She’s rare on stage and accepted to work with iStripper cause she loves the concept of our product and the way we value women’s Beauty-next-door! Miluniel is also a photographer and a globe trotter; she feels no where better than every where in the world and her only limit (for the moment) is the sky… — BELGIUM, 34/24/35, FAIR, European

Oct 182020

Get prepared to fall in love, Get pleasure all of us here! Here is Agatha Vega, a wonderful Redhead that we have rarely had the chance to welcome. Agatha comes from Venezuela, she’s smiling, warm, funny, sweet and a real chameleon. Agatha loves the beach, swimming in the sea, and… eat! Yeah, she’s a real hedonist. No doubt she’s gonna reach our TOP 5 sales in a breath, an absolute MUST for your collection! — VENEZUELA, 33/24/37, RED HAIR, Latin ladies Prego cuties

Oct 152020

A new Teenager French Amateur Chick to join the group! Here is Celia Clay, 27 years Old, from Paris! Celia used to be a real estate agent and she resigned to become a model, for our biggest pleasure ! Apart from modeling, Celia loves spending lazy evenings on Parisian terraces and long hours watching the sea in silence… An invitation to develop your senses of pleasure… — FRANCE, 35/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 152020

Eve Sweet comes from Barcelona, Spain! She’s a cute brunette of 25 years Mature, very sweet and delicate. Posing in front of a Cam is a real passion for Eve, she feels nowhere better than on a stage… Her other passions ? Her Boyfriend and… her dog :) Eve literally fell in love with our dressing room and the impact on the quality of her Shows is obvious ! No doubt you will succumb to her charms ! — SPAIN, 33/25.5/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 152020

Marica Chanelle is a Big tittied Big tittied beauties girl Woman-next Hotties- who comes straight from Italy, with all that that implies in terms of shapes :-P Marica loves all types of sexual experiences, with Beauties and Studs, preferably if they are numerous :) Yes, she’s a sexual addict, this is why all her performances here for iStripper will be XXX, with some unforgettable Ass Wet Cunt amateur Vagina masturbating Vagina masturbates hole rub penetration scenes! — ITALY, 37/31/36, Blondie, European

Oct 142020

Audalove is a French Photo model who works with the greatest! At 27, she’s a splendor of nature, so sublime that she almost becomes unreal! She loves to play characters and tease the Camera, she never sheds her angelic smile, she exudes a stunning authenticity and cuteness! An absolute must for all Girl lovers — FRANCE, 33/24/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Oct 132020

Another bombshell from Barcelona! here is Arizona Wild ! She’s 22 and already has the Body of a real femme fatale with an amazing Hooter! Apart from modeling, Arizona is a pro cheerleader, she loves international music & can’t imagine living without being surrounded by animals, domestic & wild as well :) — SPAIN, 35/28.1/35, Blond, Euro

Oct 122020

Valentine comes from the south west of France, where she’s born 27 years ago. Valentine became a model by pleasure, she’s an instinctive seductress and a real Beauty-next-door. Apart from that, Valentine spends HOURS playing online games and reading novels. She also has a very good level of riding (horses!) and is passionate about martial arts ! — FRANCE, 33/24/33, RED HAIR, Euro

Oct 112020

Here is Joy Lamore, from Madrid. Joy is 30 and looks 18, Get pleasure most of the sunny latina’s Bi-sexual Latin females Huge boobed women! Joy is a hedonist, nothing is more important for her than pleasure, friendship, giggling, exotic fruits degustation (especially if they are Luscious…) and sexual pleasure! She is endowed with a stunning flexibility and an impressive freedom with her Body and her privacy ! A pure delight! — SPAIN, 34/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 082020

Clara Rene comes from Reunion Island where she is 30 years Mature. Clara loves dancing and Gives regularly in different cabarets, she poses divinely well and her Body allows her incredible feats! She is a traveler at heart, she seeks to live only in intensity and never lets routine settle … — FRANCE, 35/30/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina Dominant beauties