Jun 252019

Leyla Fiore is a Teenager Woman-next Chicks-next-door from Moscow where she’s born 21 years ago :-P With such an angel face, we would imagine Leyla as pure and innocent, and the tatoo on her right arm reveals what exactly Happened on our stage: Leyla can be a very naughty Huge tittied Latin ladies tittied Busty beauties Pregnant beauties Slave female woman :-P Apart from modeling, Leyla does a lot of tennis she even plays in semi-professional section! And she told us she listens to a lot of Rock’n roll :-P — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/33, FAIR, Euro

Jun 242019

Maria Marino is a beautiful brunette from Saint Petersburg, where she’s born 24 years ago :) She has an amazing generous Figure with an increbile large Breast and a peach skin… Apart from modeling, Maria loves painting, classical music and traveling… Maria Marino came to our studios totally Unshaved and offered us to shave in front of the Cam! Make sure you check her Show named “Close Shave”! — RUSSIA, 37/29.7/39, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jun 232019

Ava is a fan of oriental dance! She spends hours in front of her mirror, dancing and ondulating, for the biggest pleasure of her favorite spectator : her beloved cat Tibo! She lives in Kiev, but travels all year long ! One thing never changes, where ever she stays : she does 10km jogging every single day ! — UKRAINE, 33/25.5/37, FAIR, Euro

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Jun 202019

Caution! This Gal is dangerous! Li Moon is a Young Beauty-next-door of 22 years Mature. Her asian origins Gives to her Amateur Hottie some magics and her personnality increases again the sensualism she Performs off. She has a very Small Body with the smallest feet we ever seen! Her enthusiasm and freshness are a real breath of fresh air! No hesitation, get her Shows, you won’t regret it ! — UKRAINE, 33/24/34, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

Jun 202019

Francys is from Rio de Janeiro! And she’s veeery Wet amateur Cunt Vaginas ! She’s 36, which is totally unthinkable, except when considering the multiple experiences she had over the time and that makes her say today that she prefers sex in groups! Apart from her career, Francys loves reading books and cooking very long & complicated meals that she Get pleasure sharing with her whole group of (sex) friends! — BRAZIL, 35/24/35, FAIR, Euro

Jun 202019

Madison is a 28 year Old Russian Big tittied female with a little something of a Californian Amateur Huge tittied Latina tittied Slave Slave women female beauty. She is a luxury lingerie lover, she loves to try all kinds of outfits and besides, everything suits her perfectly. Each of his Exposes is extremely different from the others and this variety makes her a real asset for iStripper. — RUSSIA, 33/26/35, Blond, Euro

Jun 192019

Andreina is a pure Latina beauties Dominant Preggo beauties, she’s from Columbia and came to our studios with her sexy 26 years, including 6 without having a hair cut! Her sublime Thin tan Figure and irresitible smile are an absolut must! Andreina is not only an adult model, she’s also a confirmed violonist! She loves traveling, cooking, doing some shopping and.. sleeping ! When we asked her to Portray herself, she said she’s always honest, generous and helpful… Andreina is too perfect to be real — COLOMBIA, 31/24/40, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina women chicks

Jun 182019

Hayli Sanders comes from Ukraine where she’s born in 1995. She started her career in 2017 and has cumulated a serious First time butt First backdoor hole sexual experience of the adult scenes! Before this, she was a semi-professional athlete, specialized in 100 & 200m! Hayli told us that the thing she prefers over all in life is… do nothing :) Yes, Hayli is lazy! Inactivity is her leitmotiv and her favorite place is her bed, just in front of the tv, with her cat purring just near her… — UKRAINE, 32/26/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jun 172019

Bonnie comes from Estonia, she’s 22. She’s very recent in the adult modeling universe and will probably remain discreet and rare, by choice! Bonnie is very interested in personal development; she spends a lot of time traveling to discover new methods and people and First new technics of meditation & relaxation. Giving people the possibility to admire her Body and desire her is part of her general project of personal achievement – and we can tell you that she deserves a medal on this ! — ESTONIA, 33/23.4/34, FAIR, Euro

Jun 162019

Florane is from Czech Republic. She’s just 30 when she enters our studios, what Gives her some strong assets of a femme fatale! Florane is Blonde, she has a wondeful large Melon, deep blue eyes, loves new experiences, especially with several persons at a time, and is particularly keen of Ass Anus insertion pleasure… She has done four xxx Shows for iStripper!! Enjoy ! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/28.1/35, Blondie, European