Nov 012018

Helene comes from Latvia, where she’s born in 1995. She does a lot of sports and spend the rest of her time in museums of modern art & folk dancing! Another of her passion is driving in rallies, she has Handsome good rankings! She’s also very attracted to fashion, guess how Crazy she was to be in Paris during the fashion week ! — LATVIA, 35/24/37, Blondie, European

Nov 012018

Alyssia Kent comes from Romania where she is born in 1991. Alyssia is very ambitious in life. She’s studying economics at the Coed PLUS she follows making up courses PLUS she recently started to learn how to pole dance… Alyssia is dynamic, smily, sensual and veeery demanding with Bisexual Huge tittied Huge boobed Slave cuties boobed chicks Studs, she said… — ROMANIA, 34/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 312018

Vivia comes from St Petersburg where she’s born in 1994. She has the longest legs you will ever see in your life ! Her Figure is simply breathtaking! Vivia studies several foreign languages and is a fitness teacher in parallel, she works a lot and conscientiously keeps her money to open a chicha bar, but she Did not say where :-P — RUSSIA, 35/25/36, FAIR, European

Oct 302018

Sofie Lilith is a Teen brunette of 23 years Old, born in Ukraine. A new talent discovered recently and is promised to a long career… Sofie loves driving fast, riding horses and traveling.. She spends most of her free time reading novels and when traveling she only book hotels where she can have long bubble baths :) — UKRAINE, 37/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 292018

Paulina is a teacher! She teaches the art of stripping! She’s the one who trained Selene! Paulina is a Beast of energy and enthusiasm ! She loves life, meeting new people, travelling all over the world, she loves swimming, shopping with friends without restraint and she feels sooo good evolving in the universe of erotism ! A word about her Body ? no, absolutely useless! Open your eyes Guys, she’s stunning! — UKRAINE, 31/24/35, FAIR, European

Oct 282018

Leanne comes from Prague where she’s born 24 years ago. Leanne is very new to the adult modeling and she has a lot to offer! She is very tall and has infinite legs, as infinite as the blue of her eyes… Leanne feels nowhere better than when walking quietly in mountains where she can watch without being watched wild animals in their natural behaviour… — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Oct 252018

Minori is just 21, she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. She started her career as a model two years ago, and she did well! Blond, tall, Skinny, smily and shiny, Minori is a must have! Minori loves doing shopping with friends and spending hours in her dressing, trying new clothes and styles. She has several cats and sleeps with them to never be alone… Teen and fresh, Minori has decided to Perform herself a bit of time before chosing her professional career, and Likes all the opportunities her activity of Bare model bring her. — UKRAINE, 32/26/30, Blondie, European

Oct 252018

Eva Sugar is a Young Blondie Woman-next Babes next Amateur Dominant cuties born in Ukraine in 1998. She’s very new to the adult modeling and we are among the experience ones to have the chance to film her! She has a delicate tatoo above her Tit that says “Debes, ergo potes”. Eva loves her dog, traveling and eating Big pizzas with her friends… She loves wearing delicate lace lingerie and “frou frou” that makes her feel sexy & smart :) — UKRAINE, 31/23.4/33, Blond, Euro

Oct 252018

Ginebra is an amazing spanish Gal, born in Barcelona in 1996 and very good friend with Apolonia Lapietra. She started her career in 2018 and Did not stop shooting a single day since then! Have a look to her face & Figure and you will immediately understand why! Ginebra is totally extrovert, she loves new experiences and never says no! And when she has the chance to relax for a while, she loves cooking in music, read and have a good swim in the sea… — SPAIN, 35/23.4/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 242018

Natali Blonde is the perfect Amateur Big tittied Big tittied babes girl type of model. Natali doesn’t just want to entertain you for a moment; she wants to be that special Girl who lingers in your imagination for days after you have watched her Give. She’s more than just another Beautiful face, she’s the beautiful Blond Lady you can never get out of your mind completely! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/26/34, Blondie, European