Feb 072019

Angelina comes from Kiev where she’s born in 1997. She has a splendid muscular Figure that she takes good care of doing a lot of fitness… Angelina has a little something of a wilde animal but our Cam succeeding in taming this little bird :) Angelina loves traveling more than anything else, except maybe techno parties that she attends all over the world, especially when they Happen on the sea side! Her First butt Juicy amateur Pussy masturbate sexual experience Demonstrate has been named ‘exceptional’ and it’s really well deserved! — UKRAINE, 35/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Feb 072019

Vicky Love comes from Hungary, she is 32. She started her career in 2015. Vicky is full of energy, smiles all the time and clearly Exposes the pleasure she had to shoot for iStripper! Apart from modeling, Vicky loves sailing, doing motorbike and swimming, in brief, she’s a free electron! — HUNGARY, 34/23.4/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Feb 062019

Boni comes from Columbia where she’s born in 1999. Boni is a hedonist! She loves dancing, singing, she loves tasting new food and living new experiences… Her career allows her to travel all over the World and meet new people, discover new cultures and she loves it! — COLOMBIA, 34/25.8/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Ebony

Feb 052019

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Feb 042019

Lena Reif comes from Novoouralsk in Russia where she’s born in 2000. She started her career in 2018 and envisages to end it in 2019! What makes her presence on iStripper even more valuable! Lena plays piano and composes music. She loves sports in general and and her favorite moment is when she jumps into her bed after a warm relaxing shower. Her Huge boobed Latin ladies blue eyes and her charming smile Perform an additional dimension of tenderness to her naughty performances on stage. She said her shooting with iStripper is one of the Finest moments she had to live during her career! — RUSSIA, 33/24/32, Blond, European

Feb 032019

Here is Chloe Lamoure, from Slovenia where she’s born in 1992! Chloe has an incredible Body with a breathtaking fake Melon. Chloe started her career in 2018 and already has a very solid coverage on the Internet! Apart from her Porno activity, Chloe Gets pleasure fitness, reading books, especially Bukowsky, watching Clips and mollycoddle animals… She spends a lot of time with her friends and is known by them as having an immense sense of humor! — SLOVENIA, 41/28.1/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 312019

Vanessa Decker is a complete exhibitionist as well as artist and she says on stage her two personalities come to life. Vanessa began putting on performance art Exposes about 8 years ago but she wanted to get even more intimate with her audience. She came across DeskBabes one night online and decided to set her Websites on dancing for us. It was four years ago – and she came back for our biggest pleasure in late 2018. Vanessa, thank you for sharing that Wet amateur Cunt Cunt masturbating masturbates holes Figure in all its perfection with us and the world. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/25/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jan 312019

Olivia comes from Moscow where she’s born in 1994. A sexy Blondie with an amazing natural Boob. She’s Blonde, with brown eyes, she has various discreet tatoos and a navel piercing. Olivia is fresh and shy, she loves to spend time with her friends, she can make whole meals only eating cakes, she’s Crazy of her cat and has thousands Pictures of it in her phone… a sweetheart! — RUSSIA, 31/24/33, Blondie, Euro

Jan 312019

Anissa Kate comes from Paris, France. She has been dancing and Performing as a Pornstar for a number of years all around the world. She has an adventurous spirit and she has used her erotic talents to visit many different countries and beautiful cities. We now have her dancing with us! Get to know Anissa on a more intimate level by downloading all of her stage Demonstrates, and let her get Nude for you in private and for your eyes only! some of her cards are proposed in partnership with Marc Dorcel. — FRANCE, 35/26/24, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Jan 302019

Here is Mary Blondie, Teen Girl of 20 years Mature. Mary is russian and has many typical russian caracteristics from there : she’s Blonde, Skinny, delicate, she looks shy, and has a gourmand behaviour when it comes to sexual pleasure… Mary has a little something that makes her very different from “usual” adult actresses, a little thing that can First time butt First time bum Wet amateur Cunt Vagina masturbates hole rub sex destabilizes you before you litteraly fall in love with her! — RUSSIA, 32/22.9/31, FAIR, European