Dec 102018

Shayla is just 21, she comes from Ukraine and is very new to the adult modeling. She’s a shy Slender Beauty-next-door with a soft skin and touching poses. Shayla dreams of moving to the United States. She plays the piano and drums and spend most of her free time at home in comfortable pyjamas, playing music and hugging her dogs… — UKRAINE, 30/23.4/31, FAIR, Euro

Oct 152018

Cristina comes from Colombia where she’s born 25 years ago. She lives in Italy for 6 years now, where she started posing as a fashion, lingerie and Nude model. She quickly got contacted by important adult Video producers and started a career as an adult actress with several Vids in 2017. Cristina is very careful about the Picture of Huge boobed beauties babes Slave female she conveys and always fights for women’s freedom to express their sexuality. A real Latin chicks :) Cristina loves her cats, plays the guitare and never feels better than when she dances — COLOMBIA, 36/28.1/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin ladies cuties

Jul 052018

Rita comes from Kiev, she’s 25 and she’s a very active Huge boobed Latin boobed lady! She has her own coffee shop in the center of Kiev, that she leads with an iron hand despite her Permanent travels for her career as an adult model! In parallel, Rita plays a lot of tennis & ping pong, what explains the impressive endurance she Showed during our shooting! She has a passion for cats and spend as much time as possible at home with them, essential to rejuvenate… — UKRAINE, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jul 052018

Demi Fray presents herself as a fashion & artistic Nude model motivated by Woman-next Hotties-next Busty ladies next door and challenges to create new, original and beautiful content. She’s 26 and comes from Ukraine. She has been elected ‘Cyber Lady of the month’ by Playboy in April 2017. Demi is very busy, traveling the whole world shooting after shooting, it’s an honor to welcome her on iStripper! — UKRAINE, 33/23.4/34, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Apr 032017

Meet Cara Mell, whose name comes from French “caramel” and evokes the delicious sweet candy with honey flavor. This Handsome 24 year Old Blondie Huge boobed Latina women tittied Big tittied Huge tittied Slave chicks female, from Kiev, has Huge boobed Latina beauties Fat rods blue eyes in which you will love to delve. She thinks dreams come true and she might be right, but this time, she’s going to make YOUR dream come true by making one of the hottest Demonstrate you will ever see. — UKRAINE, 34/24/35, FAIR, European

May 012016
Lana Rey - Fallen Angel

Lana Rey Enjoys to be Bare, so pursuing a career in the erotic arts was a given for this sexy Russian brunette. She has always loved the feeling of freedom that comes from being unencumbered by clothes and the fact that her fans watch her strip them off is a bonus! Lana is a total exhibitionist but what she really loves is feeling sexy and seductive. She Likes lingerie shopping and keeping her collection fresh so she can surprise her lovers with cut outfits in bed at every opportunity. When she’s not working, Lana Likes cooking healthy, organic meals and entertaining with friends. — RUSSIA, 34/24/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

May 012016
Nancy A - Hanging Out

Everything about Nancy A is perfect. She’s got perfect Tits, long legs, a slammin’ Body and she is sexy as hell. Nancy is also a budding entrepreneur, having launched her own lingerie line for Big tittied cutie girl Prego cuties that want to feel sexy and classy At the same time. Nancy is a lingerie connoisseur and she has worked at many high end lingerie shops over the years. As a matter of fact, that is what lead her to become a Diva. Slave female girl would ask her to model sexy intimates for their wives as they were shopping and Nancy got a Big Penises charge out of parading around half Naked in front of strangers. Now she is at the top of her game with fans around the world and we are proud to have her as one of our featured divas. — UKRAINE, 33/24/33, Blondie, Euro

Apr 122016
Vanessa Mio - Little Angel

Vanessa Mio is a smart, funny, beautiful addition to our team of Divas. Vanessa got her First taste of the spotlight while on Spring Break from University. She entered a Juicy Pussy t-shirt contest (and came in second) but she loved the energy of the crowd and how empowering it was to have them lusting after her Body. Upon returning home she decided to Perform erotic dancing a try and never looked back! With a degree in Psychology under her belt, Vanessa plans on stripping around the world and learning about as many cultures as she can. She has a wanderlust spirit and she is just going to Enjoy where life takes her! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/26/35, FAIR, Euro

Apr 102016
Naomi - Cosmopolitan Lust

Naomi is a 22 year Old Big Hard tools tittied Gal from Kiev, Ukraine. She is a petite little diva with Mini Juggs, a flat belly and beautiful Slim feet. Naomi was studying to be a trapeze artist when a friend got her a job Waiting tables at a gentlemen’s club. Requests soon started coming in to see Naomi on stage, so she Gave it a try one night and the rest is history. Naomi has always been athletic and active and she tells us being petite allowed her to excel at trapeze. She also Enjoys that her size allows her lovers to move her around in bed! Naomi still loves “to fly” as she calls her trapeze skills and she would love one day to have her own burlesque trapeze road Expose. — UKRAINE, 34/23.4/35, FAIR, European