Aug 012018

Galina A is a 26 years Old Woman-next Amateur Preggo beauties from Moscow. She’s a Cam model, which let you guess how well she Masters the art of seduction! In life, Galina has deux passions : tennis and… walking in the street with no underwears (I quote)! Her other main activity apart from modeling is to make love and her favorite position is the 69… In brief, every thing in her breathes sex and love! — RUSSIA, 35/24/35, FAIR, Euro

Jul 312017

Ann O Fee is a Teen Austrian brunette born in Vienna in 1998 with Huge tittied Latina women Dicks blue eyes, a cute aquiline nose and a lovely Skinny Body. A great freshness for iStripper’s spring, if you ask me! Here is what she wrote about herself: “Love to dance, sport, meet new people. Love to travel, love to see new things and states. Love to learn new things”. — AUSTRIA, 32/23.4/31, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jul 132017

Tonique and sulphurous, here is Alina, our new wonder from Kiev. Alina is 23, she Likes to do gymnastics and learn new languages but she has confessed that her biggest passion is to sleep … Sleeping, bubbling, daydreaming, cocooning are her Best leitmotivs! And to be honest, we’d be willing to join her in this passion… — UKRAINE, 68, RED HAIR, Euro

Jan 102017

Jenna Sativa is born in Phoenix 24 years ago. Slim brunette with a strong temper, Jenna is at the top of her career and has received many awards in 2016. She’s been working for the biggest names of the industry and with the most famous american stars including Sasha Heart, Riley Reid, Elsa Jean, etc. Her preference goes to Baby girl scenes where she Shows the maximum pleasure and sensuality. A must for your collection! — UNITED STATES, 32/24/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin

Jan 022017

Everything about Nancy A is perfect. She’s got perfect Boobs, long legs, a slammin’ Figure and she is sexy as hell. Nancy is also a budding entrepreneur, having launched her own lingerie line for Dominant beauties that want to feel sexy and classy At the same time. Nancy is a lingerie connoisseur and she has worked at many high end lingerie shops over the years. As a matter of fact, that is what lead her to become a Diva. Bi-sexual Girl Guys would ask her to model sexy intimates for their wives as they were shopping and Nancy got a Big charge out of parading around half Naked in front of strangers. Now she is at the top of her game with fans around the world and we are proud to have her as one of our featured divas. — UKRAINE, 33/24/33, Blondie, European

Aug 212016
Tania R - Oneuli Beach

Tania R is ready to make her Virtua Dominant ladies female Chicks Hottie debut. She comes to us from the Ukraine but she has shaken her Bum Luscious amateur Pussy rubs hole penetration Juicy Wet Wet amateur Vagina rub Unprofessional Hot amateur Vagina masturbates Juicy amateur Cunt Pussy Tortured hole masturbating masturbate rubs Butt Luscious amateur Vagina Cunt Tortures hole masturbating rub Bum hole insertions Anal hole hole insertions penetration all around the world! Tania is one fun Cunt masturbating rubs Juicy amateur Pussy masturbate masturbates Amateur Huge boobed Pregnant cuties tittied female cutie cutie. She is always laughing and loves to smile, which is why she learns a dirty word in the native language of every country that she visits. Tania also prides herself on her extensive dirty joke collection and she tells them at every opportunity she gets. So for a good time, download Tania R’s performance today! — UKRAINE, 33/24/35, FAIR, European

Jun 192016
Gloria - Beach Belle

Wet Female next Amateur next Beauty-next-door next Chicks-next-door Cunt rubbing masturbates holes, sexy, and petite are all adjectives used to Describe the ever so lovely Gloria. Standing a mere 5′ 1″ tall, Gloria is proof that good things come in Mini packages. She may be petite but her Melons are nice and Big Cocks tittied Girls Throbbing Penises and they have just the right amount of bounce to them as she moves around on stage getting Nude for you. Gloria is 21 years Old and she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. While at Coed she started working towards a degree in psychology but decided to take some time off and travel the world while perfecting and focusing on her career as an erotic dancer. Gloria loves how sexy Performing makes her feel. Stripping has allowed her to get in touch with her sexuality and feel empowered by it. In her personal life, Gloria is a Busty beauties Latin beauties boobed girlies lady hottie Babes Dicks shopper. She loves getting together with her Girlfriends to hit the local malls where they tend to gravitate towards trendy clothing shops and expensive boutique lingerie establishments. She also Enjoys going to the gym, dancing and relaxing on the couch on rainy Sunday mornings. — UKRAINE, 34/28.1/31, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jun 192016
Vanessa Mio - Denim Delight

Vanessa Mio is a smart, funny, beautiful addition to our team of Divas. Vanessa got her Experience time Butt Experience time Bum First time bum Luscious amateur Vagina masturbate sex taste of the spotlight while on Spring Break from College. She entered a Juicy t-shirt contest (and came in second) but she loved the energy of the crowd and how empowering it was to have them lusting after her Body. Upon returning home she decided to Give erotic dancing a try and never looked back! With a degree in Psychology under her belt, Vanessa plans on stripping around the world and learning about as many cultures as she can. She has a wanderlust spirit and she is just going to Enjoying where life takes her! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/26/35, FAIR, European