Mar 292018

Quinn Lindemann comes from Czech Republic and lives in Prague now. She’s just 19 and already a Huge tittied Latin women professional ! We can say that Quinn is a natural born model, she perfectly knows how to pose, how to look at the Cam and how to Show off her Figure… Also known as Nikita Ricci, Quinn seems to have a preference for femme fatale roles, we could even say dominatrix, sometimes… — CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/28.1/39, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Mar 162017

Rebecca Volpetti is Italian, she lives in Rome when not in a plane for shooting! She’s just 19yo and yet 1 full year of modeling! She has a tatoo above her right hip that says: “Fall down seven times, Stand up eight”, a japanese proverb that reveals a lot of her italian personality: sunny shiny pimping and At the same time strong and resistant! Nothing can stop her career, especially not her Slender, tonic & beautiful Body! — ITALY, 30/25.5/29, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Mar 162017

Hailing from Zurich Switzerland we are proud to welcome Valeria! She is a 22 year Old dark haired Big tittied Tittied beauties babes next Ladies next Females-next door that has only been an exotic dancer for a few months. But she has built up an incredible fanbase in that short amount of time and we know you are going to love her. Valeria got involved in the Nude arts while in University. To make extra money she posed Nude for budding art students so that they could learn to draw the human Figure in all its glory. Valeria got a charge from being watched as she sat there Bare, so she decided to explore her exhibitionist side. She quickly got a job stripping at a club and enlisted the help of a tutor to teach her how to dance. Now Valeria stands before you a seasoned pro. She would still love to be a speech pathologist someday, but for now she is happy to be Performing on stage. In her spare time, Valeria Enjoys exploring new cities on her bicycle. She tells us that when you travel by automobile, much of life passes you by. But when you are on a bicycle, you get the opportunity to discover new cafes, quaint shops and cute houses that you would have missed speeding by in an auto. — SWITZERLAND, 34/24/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Mar 162017

Tina Kay in a few words: International Pornstar Penthouse Pet of USA and Germany UKAP awards winner of Best Big tittied Gals Slave Enslaved babes female chick Adult Performer in the UK of 2014 Awarded Hard core anal sex Sex Goddess of 2016 Exclusive appearance stripping on the screen for your pleasure! Enjoy the transformation from a good Big tittied lady into a wild one! — UNITED KINGDOM, 33/26/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 262016

We know how much you all love Pornstars from the United States, so we are going to keep them coming and this week we are happy to introduce you to Uma Jolie! If you looked up Luscious amateur Pussy pussy Cunts in the dictionary, we are Handsome sure Uma’s Picture would be there. Her Body is everything that is right in the world. She’s got perfect Breasts, a fantastic Butt Juicy amateur Cunt Cunt Vagina Tortured hole masturbating rubs hole rub penetration and a toned tummy that hints at the hours she puts in at her local gym. Speaking of gyms, fitness is Uma’s passion. She is a workout fanatic and hopes to get her personal trainer certification some day. We can only imagine the business she would bring in! Imagine getting to see this fine piece of Ass Juicy amateur Loving hole rub Butt hole penetrations putting your Figure through the paces every week?! One of the things Uma Gets pleasure most about Porn is the workout an intense sex scene Gives her, so all in all, working in the adult entertainment industry has been a win, win for her. When she’s not on set or getting her sweat on, Uma says she is a typical 21-year-old. She loves to party with friends, go out to dinner, shop, shop some more and go to the beach to get her tan on. — UNITED STATES, 32/25.8/34, FAIR, Euro