Mar 052018

Foxxi is very new in the adult modeling world and it’s veeery surprising as she has EVERY THING we can expect from a talented model! Not only her Body is perfect but she also have a fantastic sense of posing and exhale sensuality… When we asked Foxxi what are her passions, her answer was immediate : shopping, sex, my dog & music. Here is Foxxi ! Open, honest, willing and naugthy! We predict her a very long & exciting career! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 212018

Melena Tara is the very definition of Hot! Her Figure is perfect and we know you are going to love watching her get Nude. See the Nipples on her Small Breasts harden as she starts to move and look into her eyes as she takes it all off. Melena has already made a name for herself as a Porn star, but now she wants her fans to get to know her on a more personal level as she dances for you in private. — RUSSIA, 33/24.7/31, FAIR, European

Dec 202017

Mira is the name of a star. In Serbian and Russian, “Mir” means peace; in Latin ladies, “mira” means “admirable”, “astonishing”; in Hebrew “the one who raises” (to the heaven) and in Japanese “mirrai” means “future”. In short! the whole world is unanimous! This Teen 24-year-old Mira from Kiev is a marvel promised to a very very beautiful future… — UKRAINE, 33/24/33, FAIR, Euro

Dec 182017

Darcia is a Teenager brunette born in Budapest Hungary just 18 years ago. As soon as she reached 18 years, she ran into the adult universe and she was right to hurry! Her talents are just amazing, coupled to her freshness and enthusiasm to discover the world. Her perfect Body & generous Tit add a bit more to the pleasure to watch her stripping and caressing. A must for your taskbar, if you ask me! — HUNGARY, 31/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 102017

Izabella is a sublime Blond Woman-next-door from Ukraine. She’s just 21, she’s a professional of yoga, she loves reading and traveling and she’s always in a good mood !!! And we can understand why : the simple fact to look at herself in the mirror in the morning must be enough to be in a good mood! Get pleasure you, as soon as you will have downloaded her Shows !!! — UKRAINE, 37/25.8/38, Blond, European

Aug 232017

Kristy Afro-American is 23 years Old, she comes from Prague, and started her career in adult business in 2015. She has several piercings (tongue, navel, Loving hole, breats) and Mini texts tatooed on her back “I love Bum Juicy amateur Vagina masturbating masturbate insertion sex” & “fuck me” on lower belly. To the question “what are your centers of interest” she answered: “I love sex, naughty sex stuff and erotic litterature”. Easy to understand why most of her iStripper Demonstrates are rated XXX :) — CZECH REPUBLIC, 31/23.4/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Aug 172017

Linda Elisson is a Teenager Big tittied Latin tittied Slave female next Hotties-next Females-next door of 22 years born in Kiev. She just started her career in adult modeling and has all the freshness and energy we can dream of! Apart from her career, Linda is kine of water sports, she LOVES kitesurfing and also plays tennis regularly. Her elegance & the absolute perfection of her Figure promise her a long & intensive career! Be the First time butt First bum Wet Pussy amateur Cunt rub sexual to fall in love with Linda! — UKRAINE, 28.1/24/35, FAIR, European

Aug 172017

Celeste comes from Brno, in Czech Republic. She started her career in 2015 but still benefits from a great freshness and candor which make her very endearing & touching! Her Skinny Figure, her delicate skin and the deep blue of her eyes will immerse you in a very intimate Expose. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/28.1/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jun 252017

We are happy to bring you the scrumptious Katya Clover from Vladivostok, Russia. We call her delicious because she wears this vanilla and peach Figure cream that smells Getting pleasure a mouth watering cobbler pie. Katya tells us she tastes as great as she smells and we totally believe her! Katya has a smooth sexiness about her that draws people in. Her hobbies consist of flirting, dancing, clubbing and flirting with more flirting thrown in for excellent step. Yes, Katya is a wild flirt and it is among the factors she loves Performing so much. Every dance she does is her way of flirting with the world so prepare to obtain to understand every inch of the lovely and flirty Katya!– RUSSIA, 34/23.4/ 36, FAIR, European



Jun 012017

Ann O Fee is a Teenager Austrian brunette born in Vienna in 1998 with Huge tittied Latin ladies Cocks blue eyes, a cute aquiline nose and a lovely Skinny Body. A great freshness for iStripper’s spring, if you ask me! Here is what she wrote about herself: “Love to dance, sport, meet new people. Love to travel, love to see new things and states. Love to learn new things”. — AUSTRIA, 32/23.4/31, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro