Oct 252018

Minori is just 21, she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. She started her career as a model two years ago, and she did well! Blond, tall, Skinny, smily and shiny, Minori is a must have! Minori loves doing shopping with friends and spending hours in her dressing, trying new clothes and styles. She has several cats and sleeps with them to never be alone… Teen and fresh, Minori has decided to Perform herself a bit of time before chosing her professional career, and Likes all the opportunities her activity of Bare model bring her. — UKRAINE, 32/26/30, Blondie, European

Dec 042016

Petite, Pornstar with a foot fetish? You guessed it! It’s Kimmy Granger, the 21-year-old world famous Pornstar out of Los Angeles. Kimmy is super excited to be working with us and we are equally excited to have her! She is the epitome of Hot amateur Juicy Pussy amateur Wet Cunt Pussy Tortured hole rubbing rub Pussies and she’s got a libido that won’t quit. Kimmy tells us that she absolutely loves having sex with a passion, which is why working in the adult entertainment industry has been such a great choice for her. She gets to have great sex with Juicy Pussy amateur Cunt pussy Vagina Vagina Punishes hole masturbating rubs holes Men and sexy Big tittied ladies as Frequently as she wants! Of course Kimmy tells us that she entertains many lovers outside of work as well and her favorite room in her house is her bedroom. She has a king size bed that gets a lot of use, so she keeps only the Best, highest quality sheets on it because she spends so much time Banging in it! When she’s not on set or getting busy in her bedroom, Kimmy is an avid gym goer. She’s Huge boobed Latin beauties Fat rods into cardio and she loves to just blast her music and go! She can also be found hiking the trails around the greater Los Angeles area, so keep your eyes out for her! — UNITED STATES, 32/24/32, FAIR, Euro

Nov 242016

Genevieve Gandi is making her Diva debut with us and we know you are going to love what she’s putting out there. This 23-year-old Blonde Amateur Hottie from Russia is a sexy bombshell that prides herself on being a total exhibitionist. Genevieve loves to be in the spotlight, always. Whether she is out with friends at a club or Giving on stage, she Gets pleasure all eyes to be on her. She is a true performer and she tells us that stripping is the perfect profession for her. Genevieve has always Liked to be in the spotlight. She grew up Giving for anyone who would watch and In Fact considered going to Coed for the Performing arts. But a dirty dancing competition got in the way of that. While away on Holiday, Genevieve joined the competition with a GF and won! As she left the stage, a club owner in the audience told her she should think about dancing professionally and a new career was born! Enjoy any 23-year-old Female, Genevieve lives very much in the now. She considers herself a bit of a party-girl and still Likes staying out until the sun comes up, hitting all the Luscious amateur Cunts clubs. She also Gets pleasure traveling with friends, dancing obviously, shopping and role playing in bed! — RUSSIA, 35/26/37, Blonde, Euro

Oct 132016

If you think you recognize Natalia Starr, you probably do! She is a world famous Porn star and we are very excited to have her dancing here for us. But not as excited as you will be after you see what she can do on the stage! Natalia is 110% comfortable with her Figure and she loves to Show it off. That means you are going to get top notch, sexy stripteases from her every time she hits the stage and then some! Natalia lives to turn her fans on. She gets a Big rush knowing Bisexual Chick Girlie-next-door Men and Huge boobed women are at home watching her get off. The same goes for when she strips. Natalia is a true exhibitionist and she loves to Perform for her fans. She is super stoked to be able to Perform you intimate one on one performances where she is dancing for you and only you. Natalia keeps a very busy schedule but when she finds the time to go out, she says she is just your average Gal! She totally loves shopping with her GFs and she also takes advantage of the LA nightlife when she can. She’s gotten used to the VIP treatment in the clubs but she still Gets pleasure to get out onto the dance floor and go wild with her Girlfriends. — UNITED STATES, 34/24/34, Blonde, European

Sep 152016
Lucy Doll - Night of Passion

Lucy Doll is a Gorgeous Pornstar that is currently residing in LA. As most Porn stars, Lucy got her First butt Luscious amateur Pussy Punished hole sexual experience taste of the limelight when she got a job as an exotic dancer to pay her way through University. A sociology degree later and Lucy is still getting Nude on stage for a living! Stripping allowed Lucy to discover it turned her on immensely to be watched on stage as she took her clothing off. An exhibitionist was born and she decided to take it to the next level and begin working in the Porn industry. But Lucy is thrilled to be kicking it Old school here with us. She loves our Resource and says it’s a wonderful way for fans to connect with her on a very intimate level. Every performance she puts on here is for you, her fans. She makes sure to look into the Cam and Give you the Finest “real girlfriend” First time anal First backdoor Wet Vagina amateur Vagina rub sexual experience time Anal Juicy amateur Pussy Pussy rubs hole rub penetration First time butt First backdoor Wet amateur Pussy masturbating rub sexual experience time Bum Juicy Unprofessional Pussy Punishes hole masturbates First backdoor hole sexual experience that she can. In her private life Lucy Likes stripping for her lovers as foreplay. She is very open with her sexuality and Gets pleasure having sex as Often as possible. Lucy tells us she doesn’t have any really serious hobbies so to Talk but she does love finding new recipes online and attempting to cook them. She also Gets pleasure going out dancing with friends and she tells us that one day she would to try fencing because Bi-sexual Guys Men and Latina beauties Dominant Preggo beauties girls that fence have the Best Butts! — UNITED STATES, 34/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina beauties Dominant chicks Preggo Tittied beauties Latina ladies tittied babes

Sep 152016
Tania R - Bright Presence

Tania R is ready to make her Virtua Gals gals Latin Prego beauties man Huge tittied Latin beauties boobed chicks tittied Huge tittied Big tittied ladies Latin ladies Cocks tittied Girl Huge tittied Big tittied ladies babes lady woman Slave woman baby debut. She comes to us from the Ukraine but she has shaken her Wet amateur Cunt rub insertion Juicy Unprofessional Luscious amateur Cunt masturbates rub penetration all around the world! Tania is one fun Pussy masturbating masturbates Bisexual Big tittied. She is always laughing and loves to smile, which is why she learns a dirty word in the native language of every country that she visits. Tania also prides herself on her extensive dirty joke collection and she tells them at every opportunity she gets. So for a good time, download Tania R’s performance today! — UKRAINE, 33/24/35, FAIR, European

Sep 152016
Elsa Jean - Burlesque Show

We can’t get enough of that Porn star love and we are proud to bring you yet another star from the adult entertainment industry! Elsa Jean is a 20-year-old Bi sexual Female from the ultimate Porn mecca, Los Angeles. Elsa is relatively new to the scene but she tells us she is Cunt masturbates every minute of it. Elsa is a beautiful Blond with a Slim Figure, Small perky Boobs and a smile that lights up a room. She has a tattoo collection started and she tells us she can’t Await to get more ink but she prefers little meaningful pieces to full sleeves and the Enjoying. Elsa has been super busy with work as of late but when she find time in her schedule for a break she Likes to get out and run. Fitness is a Huge boobed Latin women Dicks tittied Huge tittied Latina ladies boobed chicks Latin beauties Hard tools part of her life and Elsa knows it’s important to always looks good for her fans. When asked about her hobbies, Elsa giggled when she told us that she loves to read erotic fiction. The naughtier the better and Often she will incorporate some of the things she has read into her very active private sex life! — UNITED STATES, 32/24/30, Blonde, European

Jul 172016
Nathaly Cherie - Miss Fortune

Nathaly Cherie is a Blonde bombshell by all definitions. She’s got Big Cocks Hard tools Boobs, a great Butt Anus penetration, she looks stunning in Heels, she’s got a Cute face, light eyes and she loves to push the envelope with her stage Demonstrates. Nathaly is into sexy tattoos, erotic piercings, and in her personal life she gets great pleasure out of Backdoor Pussy Gal next Beauty-next-door next Amateur Dominant beauties Luscious Pussy amateur Pussy Tortured hole erotica. Nathaly is amazing every time she hits the stage and we know you will love her. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 36/27.6/37, Blond, European

Jul 172016
Gloria - Feel The Heat

Wet Pussy masturbating Loving hole Punished Wet amateur Pussy Pussy Punished hole rubbing masturbates hole Unprofessional Cunt masturbate masturbating rubs holes, sexy, and petite are all adjectives used to Describe the ever so lovely Gloria. Standing a mere 5′ 1″ tall, Gloria is proof that good things come in Mini packages. She may be petite but her Breasts are nice and Big tittied Latin women tittied female Latin women chicks girlies Throbbing Fat rods and they have just the right amount of bounce to them as she moves around on stage getting Nude for you. Gloria is 21 years Old and she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. While at University she started working towards a degree in psychology but decided to take some time off and travel the world while perfecting and focusing on her career as an erotic dancer. Gloria loves how sexy Giving makes her feel. Stripping has allowed her to get in touch with her sexuality and feel empowered by it. In her personal life, Gloria is a Big tittied girlies beauty gal Latin ladies cuties guy Busty ladies Cocks shopper. She loves getting together with her Girlfriends to hit the local malls where they tend to gravitate towards trendy clothing shops and expensive boutique lingerie establishments. She also Likes going to the gym, dancing and relaxing on the couch on rainy Sunday mornings. — UKRAINE, 34/28.1/31, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jul 142016
Casey Calvert - Sweet Deception

Sexy stripper Casey Calvert also has quite a following from her time in adult films. Here you can see her up close and personal, sharing intimate moments and shaking her Best assets for your pleasure. Get to know Casey, because Miss Calvert is one of the most intense performers you will ever have the opportunity to Enjoy! — UNITED STATES, 34/25.5/34, Blonde, Euro