Jul 102018

Lil Vos is born in Ukrania in 1999. Tall and voluptuous,she has all of a femme fatale. She started modeling at 16 and loves it! She studies sociology and she’s a Afro-American belt in judo, which means a lot regarding the performance she will offer you on iStripper… — UKRAINE, 36/24/37, RED HAIR, European

Dec 152016

Jelena Jensen has done it all. From foot model to Web camera Hottie, radio host, Pornstar and stripper we are Handsome convinced there is nothing that she can’t do! Jelena was born and raised in California so she loves the sun, sand and surf. She is College educated and graduated Magna Sperm Laude with a BA in Fine Arts in Film and Television. During those Coed years she started working for an online adult retail Website and her career as a Pornstar, Naked model, stripper and Webcamgirl grew from there! Always one to hustle, Jelena is a self motivated entrepreneur. She believes in hard work and dedication and it has truly paid off for her by offering her such a successful career. Jelena Gets pleasure being her own boss and setting her own hours. Although she is a bit of a work-a-holic, she does make sure she finds time to hit the gym to stay in shape and keep herself centered. When she does take a moment for herself, Jelena Likes nights spent at home cooking for her close friends. She’s been known to host game nights that sometimes end with a raucous game of strip poker, which she doesn’t mind losing! Jelena is super excited to be working with us and in turn we hope you Expose her some love by downloading all her amazing performances! — UNITED STATES, 32/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Dec 152016

We are lining the Porn stars up for you and this week we have Jayme Langford making her VirtuaGirl debut. Jayme is originally from Maine but currently residing in Los Angeles for work and school. Jayme has always been a petite Beauty-next-door and her First time anal First bum hole sexual taste of the spotlight came as she was modeling for mainstream outlets. Wanting to go to school, she set her sights on the lucrative world of adult entertainment and has yet to look back. Jayme’s favorite scenes to shoot are definitely girl/girl as she Gets pleasure the soft, sensual touch of a Hottie. In her private life she goes both ways and she Enjoys having her male lovers wine and dine her. Jayme Describes herself as a passionate intellect. She loves learning and going to school and she is a voracious reader. Jayme tells us that she is concerned about the environment and hopes that the world can continue working towards greener solutions with regards to energy consumption. When she’s not working or studying, Jayme has a passion for music. She has been in a few bands and she always Likes Performing for a crowd. Of course that is why stripping is such a perfect profession for her! — UNITED STATES, 32/24/34, Blonde, European

Dec 152016

Petite, Porn star with a foot fetish? You guessed it! It’s Kimmy Granger, the 21-year-old world famous Porn star out of Los Angeles. Kimmy is super excited to be working with us and we are equally excited to have her! She is the epitome of Wet amateur Vaginas and she’s got a libido that won’t quit. Kimmy tells us that she absolutely loves having sex with a passion, which is why working in the adult entertainment industry has been such a great choice for her. She gets to have great sex with Cunt Vaginas Boys and sexy Babes as Often as she wants! Of course Kimmy tells us that she entertains many lovers outside of work as well and her favorite room in her house is her bedroom. She has a king size bed that gets a lot of use, so she keeps only the Finest, highest quality sheets on it because she spends so much time Fucking in it! When she’s not on set or getting busy in her bedroom, Kimmy is an avid gym goer. She’s Huge tittied cuties Dicks into cardio and she loves to just blast her music and go! She can also be found hiking the trails around the greater Los Angeles area, so keep your eyes out for her! — UNITED STATES, 32/24/32, FAIR, Euro

Sep 112016
Ivana Sugar - Evening Swim

Ivana Sugar is as sassy as she is sweet. Ivana is from Kiev, Ukraine and she is a feisty 21 year Old. Ivana is a total sweetheart around the studio, but she admits that she Enjoys to dominate and be dominated in bed. Ivana is into leather, Heels and light Bondage, so her stage Shows are always a treat. She also Likes Anus insertion play and using toys, so make sure to keep your eyes open for all her erotic performances. — UKRAINE, 33/26/36, Blonde, European

Jul 032016
Carly Rae - Moonlight Swim

Are you ready for some sexy fun with a tattooed dominatrix? Then get ready to meet Carly Rae, the 23 year Mature Blond bombshell from Manchester UK. Carly Depicts herself as having a rather Dominant babes Slave female Females personality. She is by no means a wallflower. Carly Likes to be in charge and have her voice heard. She also Gets pleasure to have her Figure admired by all her adoring fans, which is why she went into exotic dancing. When she’s not on stage, Carly studies up on Bondage play, which she incorporates into her personal life. She thinks sex should be fun and she Likes power play that establishes a Dominant gals Slave hottie Beauties Hottie and submissive. She tells us that she has an extensive collection of whips and leather corsets at home and that she is currently learning knot tying techniques to improve her Bondage play. — UNITED KINGDOM, 13/9.8/13, Blonde, Euro

Jun 122016
Pammie Lee - Handsome Pixie

Love a Slave Slave Huge tittied Latin beauties boobed chicks Gal with dark hair, tattoos and Big Penises Boobs? Then be sure to catch every dance that Pammie Lee puts down. This 24 year Mature Bisexual Pregnant beauties Huge boobed beauties Latin women tittied babes Big tittied beauties Busty Slave female woman from Russia loves Performing for the Camera. Pammie was studying acting at University when she Experience Butt Luscious Vagina Juicy Hot amateur Pussy rubs Juicy Cunt amateur Vagina masturbate rubbing Pussy masturbating masturbates Wet amateur Cunt rubs hole masturbates hole rub Unprofessional Vagina rubbing rub sexual First time anal First bum Wet Cunt amateur Pussy masturbate sexual started dancing at clubs to make a bit of extra money. The attention she got went straight to her head (and loins) as Pammie discovered that grinding around on stage got her horny! Wanting to explore her exhibitionist side more, Pammie tried her hand at stripping and the rest is history! Now we are thrilled to feature her here on VirtuaGirl. When she’s not on stage, Pammie Likes watching classic Black-and-white Movies at home while snuggling. She also Likes date nights that include taking in the latest theatre productions and a nice nightcap before heading home to get in bed and play! — RUSSIA, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jun 122016
Randy Ayn - Firestorm

Randy Ayn is new to our team and we know you are going to Give her a most warm welcome. She is a Skinny, petite Huge boobed Latin women Fat rods tittied Chick-next-door Hotties-next Females-next-door that gets off on foot play and worship, so she will be barefoot in many of her dance routines. Randy Portrays herself as a fun-loving, promiscuous date-a-holic that is always in the mood for a good time. She recently completed a year of “yes” where she said yes to anyone who asked her on a date and she tells us it was one of the most memorable experiences of her life. She met a ton of really great Slave chick Boys and Big boobed Bisexual Girlies beauties Females and it allowed her to go on many unexpected adventures. Now Randy wants to go adventuring with you! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/24/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jun 092016
Lana Rey - Authority Figure

Lana Rey Likes to be Bare, so pursuing a career in the erotic arts was a given for this sexy Russian brunette. She has always loved the feeling of freedom that comes from being unencumbered by clothes and the fact that her fans watch her strip them off is a bonus! Lana is a total exhibitionist but what she really loves is feeling sexy and seductive. She Enjoys lingerie shopping and keeping her collection fresh so she can surprise her lovers with cut outfits in bed at every opportunity. When she’s not working, Lana Enjoys cooking healthy, organic meals and entertaining with friends. — RUSSIA, 34/24/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jun 092016
Sybil - Classroom Tease

If you are looking to Get pleasure a “real Girlfriend experience” with a fun Luscious amateur Cunt masturbates Huge boobed beauties Latin women tittied lady that will make you smile and also turn you on, then look no further than Sybil. At 22-years-old, Sybil is all about having a good time. Her favorite word is YES because saying it has opened up a world of possibilities and adventure to her. We know you are going to love her Body just as much as her spirit when you see her reveal her all natural C cup Succulent Boobies Melons. They are so perfect they are bound to make your mouth water, as they jiggle and sway with every move she makes on the dance floor. — UKRAINE, 33/26/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro