Jan 022019

Lena Reif comes from Novoouralsk in Russia where she’s born in 2000. She started her career in 2018 and envisages to end it in 2019! What makes her presence on iStripper even more valuable! Lena plays piano and composes music. She loves sports in general and and her favorite moment is when she jumps into her bed after a warm relaxing shower. Her Huge tittied Latina women Hard tools blue eyes and her charming smile Give an additional dimension of tenderness to her naughty performances on stage. She said her shooting with iStripper is one of the Best moments she had to live during her career! — RUSSIA, 33/24/32, Blondie, European

Jul 052018

Rita comes from Kiev, she’s 25 and she’s a very active Huge boobed Latin boobed lady! She has her own coffee shop in the center of Kiev, that she leads with an iron hand despite her Permanent travels for her career as an adult model! In parallel, Rita plays a lot of tennis & ping pong, what explains the impressive endurance she Showed during our shooting! She has a passion for cats and spend as much time as possible at home with them, essential to rejuvenate… — UKRAINE, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jul 052018

Demi Fray presents herself as a fashion & artistic Nude model motivated by Woman-next Hotties-next Busty ladies next door and challenges to create new, original and beautiful content. She’s 26 and comes from Ukraine. She has been elected ‘Cyber Lady of the month’ by Playboy in April 2017. Demi is very busy, traveling the whole world shooting after shooting, it’s an honor to welcome her on iStripper! — UKRAINE, 33/23.4/34, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jun 172018

Blonde, clear blue eyes, delicate skin, here is Clarice, an ukranian Amateur Gal born in 1997 in Kiev. Clarice love techno music and never miss an opportunity to spend the night in the biggest clubs of the cities she visits for her professional career ! Apart from dancing, Clarice told us that the moments she feels the Best are when she’s surrounded by animals :) She practices yoga for years, what probably participates a lot to the calm & freshness she exhales :) — UKRAINE, 30/22.9/34, FAIR, Euro

Jul 132017

Linda Elisson is a Teenager Woman-next-door of 22 years born in Kiev. She just started her career in adult modeling and has all the freshness and energy we can dream of! Apart from her career, Linda is kine of water sports, she LOVES kitesurfing and also plays tennis regularly. Her elegance & the absolute perfection of her Body promise her a long & intensive career! Be the First time anal Juicy Loving hole amateur Vagina masturbate sex to fall in love with Linda! — UKRAINE, 28.1/24/35, FAIR, European

Jul 132017

Mila Azul is just 20yo, she comes from Ukraine but she had only few time to go back home these last year. In one year, she has been recruited by the biggest International productions and it’s easy to understand why! Mila is long & Thin, she has an incredible generous Breast (all natural), long shiny & voluptuous hair and a cute little face. Mila’s temper is amazing, she’s fresh, dynamic, fun, playful and gracious! A rare jewel and a real chance for iStripper! Come back whenever you want, Mila! — UKRAINE, 33/23.2/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Nov 072016

Vagina pussy Loving hole masturbates holes, sexy, and petite are all adjectives used to Depict the ever so lovely Gloria. Standing a mere 5′ 1″ tall, Gloria is proof that good things come in Small packages. She may be petite but her Hooters are nice and Tittied beauties Latin ladies Cocks and they have just the right amount of bounce to them as she moves around on stage getting Naked for you. Gloria is 21 years Mature and she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. While at University she started working towards a degree in psychology but decided to take some time off and travel the world while perfecting and focusing on her career as an erotic dancer. Gloria loves how sexy Giving makes her feel. Stripping has allowed her to get in touch with her sexuality and feel empowered by it. In her personal life, Gloria is a Big Fat rods shopper. She loves getting together with her Girlfriends to hit the local malls where they tend to gravitate towards trendy clothing shops and expensive boutique lingerie establishments. She also Gets pleasure going to the gym, dancing and relaxing on the couch on rainy Sunday mornings. In her take 2, Gloria has also participated to our tests for the pane-glass animations :) — UKRAINE, 34/28.1/31, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Nov 062016

We know how much you all love Pornstars from the United States, so we are going to keep them coming and this week we are happy to introduce you to Uma Jolie! If you looked up Wet Cunt amateur Pussies in the dictionary, we are Handsome sure Uma’s Pic would be there. Her Figure is everything that is right in the world. She’s got perfect Boobies, a fantastic Ass hole penetrations Anal insertions penetration and a toned tummy that hints at the hours she puts in at her local gym. Talking of gyms, fitness is Uma’s passion. She is a workout fanatic and hopes to get her personal trainer certification some day. We can only imagine the business she would bring in! Imagine getting to see this fine piece of Ass Anal penetration insertion putting your Figure through the paces every week?! One of the things Uma Likes most about Porn is the workout an intense sex scene Performs her, so all in all, working in the adult entertainment industry has been a win, win for her. When she’s not on set or getting her sweat on, Uma says she is a typical 21-year-old. She loves to party with friends, go out to dinner, shop, shop some more and go to the beach to get her tan on. — UNITED STATES, 32/25.8/34, FAIR, Euro

Nov 032016

Genevieve Gandi is making her Diva debut with us and we know you are going to love what she’s putting out there. This 23-year-old Blondie Huge boobed Pregnant cuties tittied Busty beauties Latina boobed girlies beauty next Dominant cuties next Amateur Women from Russia is a sexy bombshell that prides herself on being a total exhibitionist. Genevieve loves to be in the spotlight, always. Whether she is out with friends at a club or Giving on stage, she Enjoys all eyes to be on her. She is a true performer and she tells us that stripping is the perfect profession for her. Genevieve has always Got pleasure to be in the spotlight. She grew up Giving for anyone who would watch and Actually considered going to University for the Performing arts. But a dirty dancing competition got in the way of that. While away on Holiday, Genevieve joined the competition with a GF and won! As she left the stage, a club owner in the audience told her she should think about dancing professionally and a new career was born! Enjoy any 23-year-old Big tittied Slave Slave women female Huge boobed beauties gals Slave cutie, Genevieve lives very much in the now. She considers herself a bit of a party-girl and still Enjoys staying out until the sun comes up, hitting all the Hot amateur Pussy masturbating rubs holes clubs. She also Likes traveling with friends, dancing obviously, shopping and role playing in bed! — RUSSIA, 35/26/37, Blonde, European